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A form of flatulence resulting from the consumption of a large quantity of fast food hamburgers and ketchup. Typically, a ketchup fart will have an odor similar to the fast food hamburger and ketchup before their consumption; those that smell a ketchup fart are often disturbed by this fact.
Jared celebrated his birthday by pounding a super size double quarter pounder with cheese value meal with extra ketchup. Later that night, while impersonating the semen demon for Jessica, Jared let out a ketchup fart, ruining the moment.
by JiggaroniSalad September 20, 2012
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A fart that sounds like ketchup coming out of an almost empty plastic bottle.
Dude! I just did a ketchup fart. Thankfully it didn't smell bad.
by Johnny Kanaka November 30, 2016
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When a ketchup bottle is nearly empty and you squeeze it to try to get what little is left out, but most of what comes out is just air and a few drops of ketchup.
Last night we grilled burgers, but we neglected to make sure we had enough ketchup for everyone, so when I was putting ketchup on mine the bottle was almost empty and I squeezed it as hard as I could, but most of what I got was just ketchup farts.
by awmm June 02, 2015
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