Kenty is a chic magnet. He is the nicest straight guy you will ever meet. He is smart and sort of nerdy, but funny and cute at the same time. And of corse, he has awesome hair. Although he can be a butt sometimes, he is still awesome.
Look at that Kenty over there! I envy his hair and chic magnatism.
by Rhys jones jr August 25, 2017
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A tan, quiet creature that has large eyes and behaves very similarly to dwarf owls. The Kenti can be elusive at times but is a generally friendly creature. The kenti enjoys cool, cozy enviroments with access to many food sources. Native to North Eastern Florida but can range all the way to Missisippi. can sometimes be found walking around without coverings over its body. Generally female, but has some male qualities. The Kenti has a large mane and longs claws as well. Easily amused and frightened.
The Kenti can sometimes be found inside stuffed animals if they are left out.
by yellowforflower July 22, 2012
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When your innocent but someone insists you're an impostor because he's dumb af 😭
I can't believe he sussed me. It's not my fault he didn't hear the door open; I was kentied.
by gobarbarago October 10, 2020
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Smallest form of measurement, smaller than an RCH in order to achieve perfection
Cut that at 10 plus a few kenty’s
by Long pockets 57 November 5, 2021
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A little bitch who can't handle their own shit and needs people to fight for them. A pale little boy who could possibly be gay and is very weird
Eww you know that kid Kent. Everyone calls him kenty poo
by Nxudnnshdi April 21, 2017
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