Kenan and Kel is a t.v. show that ran from July 15 1996 to April 1 2000 totaling 61 episodes the show is about two best friends Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell they always get into trouble and trying to find a way out of it. kenan Rockmore is the smarter of the two but never does any school work and always has a plan and convinces Kel to join him.Kel Kimble is the dimwitted and clumsy one of the two he loves orange soda he spends most of his time at kenans house cause his parents are rich scientists and are always gone. the two have been in two duo movies (two heads are better than none) and (good burger)you can catch kenan and kel on THE N weeknights at 8:00 PM even though it is kind of a children's show i love to watch it.
KENAN- who loves orange soda???

KEL-K-K-K-Kel loves orange soda..."

KENAN- is it true???

Kel-Mmm Hmm i do,i do,i do,i do-oooo!"

kenan and kel
by big Chad April 20, 2008
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an old show from the 90's on nickelodian starring kenan tompsan and kel michel. this show was about their crazy antics and escaping trouble that they usually caused.... VERY good show that eventually ended

Who loves orange soda?? Kel loves orange soda!


Wait Kenan! What do you mean?! Kenan? Awww here it goes!


time to watch Snick!! OO kenan and kel is on!
by blazn_ninja June 27, 2006
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A HUGE part of my childhood.
Along with The Simpsons (when it was still mildly funny),that cartoon about the shrimpy thingies that live under the sea with lil' tooty things on their heads and not forgetting the *wondrous* Little Bear Stories.
I loved it at age 8-10,now I just think it's creepy....
Kenan and Kel,a comedy American show about *ZANY!!!* black teenagers.One of them had a prominent addiction to orange soda,the other was a fat nark with NO chance of getting laid....OH MY GOD! It was racist!!!!
by bandanasarerad August 26, 2006
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