N., A Little Bear is a shorter version of a typical Amanda. They are exceedingly beautiful and always succeed in all their endeavors. They are attractive (Physically, Emotionally, Mentally) and are hard not to fall in love with. You'll know you've met a Little Bear when you feel the need to make them happy no matter what.
Me: Dude. I went out with a Little Bear last night."
Roommate: "No way. Dont f*** up."
by irishbrodude January 19, 2010
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(proper noun) a naked bear with animal friends.
Did you used to watch that show little bear?

You mean that naked bear with the animal friends?

Yea, that.
by awko taco December 27, 2011
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Trucker CB Radio Slang for a rookie trooper or trooper-in-training.
Trucker on CB: Watch your speed there on Mile 58, there's a little bear lookin to make his first kill.
by BJK237 November 27, 2006
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A nickname for a dearly loved son. Given to the son when is really young. Only used by parents who are unbelievably caring and loving. The family is nearest you can be to perfect. Usually the first or only born.
Me and little bear went to the park today.
by Meetcatmemeercatme May 10, 2015
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It's a little fat or extra flab in the belly, stomach region of a man but usually a woman. It is caused from beer, alcohol or a little cub, baby.

It's a way of saying she's got a little extra flab there because of a baby, little cub or because of a beer, alcohol.
She has a little bear gut to her.
by gzenanko November 1, 2009
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1.excellent; great; marvelous

2.of a sort that causes or arouses wonder; amazing; astonishing
We all had a little bear aspen weekend
by Ingame Mechanic February 27, 2010
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