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A passionate, beautiful girl with a big heart. knows what t look for and what she wants. no one can hate her! can be at times feisty so watch out. will be there always for here friends and loves everyone!
"kenadi is so beautiful!"
by lilac666 July 02, 2012
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A nice girl that is usually black or mixed. She laughs a lot and is really goofy. She has glasses and is mad goofy.
Kenadi is nice asf.
by Anonymous 🥰 November 09, 2018
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Kenadi is a girl or boy that will make you think you’re friends but turn their back on you. If you ever find a new friend and get really close she will take them and leave them right after she makes them hate you. But if your name is kenadi and you’re loyal then you are a friend that everyone needs to keep in their life you’re the girl that will do anything for someone.
Girl 1: who’s that?
Girl 2: oh that’s kenadi. I wouldn’t trust her.
Girl 1: oh.

Girl 1: omg who’s that.
Girl 2: oh that’s kenadi she’s sooo nice .
Girl 1: let’s go hangout with her
Girl 2: ok!
by Yeetiee September 01, 2019
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A dumb shemale bitch that got ribs removed so she can suck her wide cock.
Kenadi is a faggot.
by Bucket Fish October 29, 2019
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