Kemal means your beautiful in Arabic that name is special..,
It’s a nice name to
by Xx_Life January 19, 2020
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A mythical creature only known to be seen whilst blackout. Opulence, he has it.

Characteristics of The Kemal:

-Yells "Get off me!" at random intervals

-Throw bricks through random houses
-Pees down stairs with no regard
-Known to consume roommates food
-Attracts Kappas like a....
-Horrified by microwaved hotdogs
-Addicted to candy
-Knows how to use a satellite radio

Known Whereabouts (in this order):
-His bed
-In any field howling at the moon
-Playin 2k and kickin raps all day, by the lake, smokin tree til he collapse in broad day
"I drink to black out" - The Kemal

"Are you sure it was me? I don't remember any of that." - The Kemal
by Erka Turka April 06, 2011
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1. Especially watching sports events, a sense of the current situation to believe that the positive results.
Watching football match

a. You should also take legs
b. Why?
a. Because they have made kemal. At first (cross-legged while) we scored. Now you can have goals again, do it again.
by sokrates April 17, 2013
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He is very attactive and funny.
He has big bunda.
He is everyone friend and is loyal and will never give you up.
Kemal is leng
by Xx_latisha January 19, 2021
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has a great personality with a heart of gold and beautiful brown eyes. makes you feel like the luckiest person in the whole galaxy. he is just that guy that will make you laugh till you cry. you should be really careful around him to not drop your panties because he is THAT intelligent and witty. also has a real masculine quality without being a fragile, toxic broflake.
a caring, thoughtful, decent man to die for.

he has that BDE all over him.
is actually a golden retriever in human form.
+hey did you check that guy out? he was such a boyfriend material!
-yes, he was truly an Ali Kemal!
by lydians January 30, 2020
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