An extremely cute, beautiful and intelligent girl who can captivate any person with her mystical smile. She's very loving and caring and always up for adventures and fun. She resides in a village area who dreams to one day move to the city. She brightens up every room she walks into.
OMG, I need to find myself a Chesta

Thank you for Chesta'ing my day!
by rm007 April 5, 2018
Chesta the creator of all light skins. he would be born in AD 94. Were he would embody all light skins. Because of this years later Savesta would be born Savesta. While not embodying all light skins Savesta's light skin level would dwarf Chesta's light skin level 199 vs 250. Chesta however would not find out about this because he would take a sleep of many long years. Until Chesta felt his presence and awoke he felt the clash bewteen Savesta Kumala Bro and Quandale Dingle.
Your becoming a Chesta (Lightskin)
by JeQuavious Higglebottom June 12, 2022
The part of your body placed under your neck
Kumalala Kumalala Savesta, Nigga talking crazy Ima hit him in his chesta
When you find two treasure chests in the same location while playing Fortnite
Bruh, I found dos chestas inside the house!
by Charlestas April 7, 2018