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An extremely cute, beautiful and intelligent girl who can captivate any person with her mystical smile. She's very loving and caring and always up for adventures and fun. She resides in a village area who dreams to one day move to the city. She brightens up every room she walks into.
OMG, I need to find myself a Chesta

Thank you for Chesta'ing my day!
by rm007 May 22, 2018
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Chesta crew or Ch£* cR3w are a 'gang' on the internet made by a certain person known as tha chesta playR(<-also can be seen with a backwards R), - k69n0 - 1o1 - 69,<keano> and some other names.

the actual word Chesta comes from a town in Cheshire (Chesha) called Chester (Chesta)
'y0 Chesta rooooooolz, 'n' d4t 8ut chesta playR 1z d4 sUx0rzzz E 1z 4 r1t3 ch00b'
by Keano tha Chesta playR April 04, 2005
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