guy who was awesome. played for the mets and led the best mets team ever to a world series win in 1986. he has a sweet 'stache.
dude, keith hernandez just tore that tree out of the ground.
no biggie
by mets fan March 13, 2006
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Saying you are going to do something simply because of who you are. The highest level of self-confidence and overemphasis of your abilities.
Hernandez himself when he makes a move on Elaine in a 92 episode of Seinfeld simply because he was Keith Hernandez. Michael Jordan making 3's in Game 1 of the 1992 Finals and shrugging to the crowd. Matt Leinart slinging the ball long on 4th down against Notre Dame. An athlete especially has an "I'm Keith Hernandez" moment when he decides to do whatever he wants because of his own name and identity. Frequently used by ESPN writer Bill Simmons
by Michael Bliss May 15, 2007
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Alpha Male; one who is built of pure testosterone; fabled to be the second coming of Jesus Christ himself; stronger than Shaggy
People who worship God are secretly worshiping Keith Hernandez, who is God, and man, and spirit.

I want Keith Hernandez to impregnate me with his holy semen
by Believer of Keithanism September 9, 2020
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The purest form of God; pure testosterone; made the known universe
At the beginning of time, there was Keith Austin Hernandez. There was never a time where he wasn’t here. He’s always been. You don’t even need a where. Not even a when. That’s how every it gets

I want Keith Austin Hernandez to impregnate me with his holy semen.
by Believer of Keithanism September 9, 2020
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