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A country founded in 681 and been fucking Byzantines, Greeks, Serbians, Turks, and other kinds of shit since then (we got fucked up during the world wars but that doesn't matter) , the country is famous for its beautiful women (the most beautiful in the world), the rakiya ( very strong alcohol that only bulgarians can drink, if you are a foreigner, don't drink it, it will kill you ), and the yoghurt. Bulgarians struggle to survive because of the lack of money, but I fucking love it.
"I went to Bulgaria last year. It was great except for the black guys that robbed me and fucked me in the ass, I think tha cops called them "lainqni mangali""
by Simo April 24, 2005

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a hard-core alcoholic
At the subway station there were some piss-reeking jakeys around.
by Simo November 13, 2003

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A Nothern ireland expression used by spides when urging eachother to have sex with a female and/or used as a direct initiation to sex
awww maate!, get her bucked like!
gis a buck at ye luv
by Simo March 01, 2005

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A city in Bulgaria, known for its drug addicts and the fact that almost everyone living in there smokes marijuana (although it is banned), a sad fact is that there are many so called "putki" there and it is very hard to find a girl that would actually fuck without asking any questions and wanting a relationship after that. That is why most of the boys in Dobrich go to Albena in the summer and fuck Russian whores.
"You are from Dobrich...really, gimme some weed"
by Simo April 24, 2005

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a phrase heard on a candy comercial, the Zoo Krew in costa mesa use it as a way of saying "whats wrong?"
andrew: why so blue panda bear? you look shitty.

Tuesday: "It's that time of the month"

andrew: "shitty"
by simo June 14, 2006

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a term commonly used when, after being served, you serve them back. once this is done, then ITS ON!
A:you just got served!
B:oh its ON
A:hey hey, its not on!
B:oh you better believe its ON!!
by Simo December 09, 2004

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1)the best suburb ever
2)home of the infamous Bra Boys
4)home of lexo
5)maroubra-the bra
"goin down to the bra"
by simo March 25, 2005

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