an individual that consumes a large portion of their life dedicated to schoolwork yet still has the time and desire to party their ass off
Jimmy: "Hey Mr. Ratfly, i have the highest GPA in the school, how can you decline my offer for the Chemistry Club?"

Teacher: "Plain and simple, Jimmy. You can elude yourself with your supposed academic skills but we all know you're a keener."

Jimmy: "Aah, whatever. I was just gonna throw your lab books and test tube racks into a fire anyway.."
by Fan Tastic March 23, 2007
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are homosexuals who usualy live in or around memphis area of hickvill tennesse. They usually pretends to "rep" queenies and kingsies. They also are well known for jacking off with other males on XBL thru video chats and uno. They are typicaly a home schooled nerds who pretend to have friends and will randomly scream " aye yo john my nikka have u finished that report on George Washington?" (or something like that) in mid summer when even summer school has ended to pretend that they have friends... they tell gay stories that never happened on AIM or on XBL
exaple on AIM
(keener)Hnbigj: hey u bring that sex jelly?
JDoeAKAJDeezy: im not gay
(keener)Hnbigj: whats wrong with a little penis every now and then mario ?
JDoeAKAJDeezy:this isnt mario
(Keener)Hnbigj: WRONG AIM

exapmle on XBL
A KEENER: Hey guys wanna go on Uno and jack off with some 12 year olds ?
by Queenies 4 Lyfe Nukka March 02, 2008
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