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Keefer is an adjective denoting high-quality. It is frequently used to decribe marijuana but can be used in other contexts as well.
Hey man, this weed is totally keefer.

Yo Caretto, that movie was pretty keefer.
by Lynchmob44 October 18, 2006
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A very cute boy who is good at sports. Keefer can walk into a room and male everyone smile. Keefer is a loyal bf and if you ever date Keefer never let him go. Everyone wants to be like him and date him but only one lucky girl gets to date him at a time. Keefer is good at everything as long as he puts his mind to it and focuses. If you ever dump a Keefer you will regret it. Whoever dates Keefer is a lucky girl. If he is in a commited relationship he will not flirt with other girls. Remember if you date a Keefer don't let him go!
Girl #1: wow! Keefer is smoking hot
Girl #2: yeah I know. To bad he has a gf
Girl #1: Yeah she is one lucky girl
Girl #2: yeah true
by tgdpf047 May 26, 2017
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A man/boy immersed in the party/drinking/weed-smoking atmosphere of highschool or college life who attends all of the parties and yet never touches any sort of drug, be it alcohol, weed, pills, etc.
-Joe! Quit being such a Keefer and take a hit off of this steamroller!

-Hey Keefer grow a pair and keg stand this shit!
by SpecialD January 17, 2009
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A guy who will flirt with anything with a vagina, but who will never make any effort to have more of a relationship than that.
1: Have you talked to that guy over there?

2: Yea, but he's a total keefer.
by DiabetesDominatrix February 20, 2011
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To hit an almost impossible, seemingly random, showstopper shot that devastates, destroys, demolishes, and demoralizes the opposition.
I keefers'd that chump kid in banana.
by holl@holl@ July 10, 2008
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