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Acronym for Kobe Bryant Ready. Being over prepared for any situation that could possibly occur and totally dominating in all aspects. Hence when Kobe drops 50 against everyone.

Termed by Lloyd Banks in the song Beamer, Benz, Bentley. "where my ring and my confetti Im Kobe Bryant ready"
Yo man you ready for this test? Yeah dude I'm kbr.
by JBi24 June 30, 2010
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A company responsible for the majority of the services the solders in Iraq consume. They hire workers from poor countries to do jobs in Iraq for about $24 a month. They are unable to keep a steady flow of power, water and food with the billion dollar budget the DOD gives them. Get their fun from turning off the power in the hottest part of the day for “maintenance”. Knowledge of English not required.
It is 110 degrees outside why the hell did KBR turn off the fucking power
by Fed up in Iraq June 11, 2008
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