This is an acronym for Kelly Bluebook.
So yeah they sold me the car below kbb value. I was so excited.
by Ceru May 20, 2007
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A Girl whos name starts with a K and whom is also graced with large breasts or big boobs.
Hey there is Kbb!

Whats that mean?

Katy Big Boobs!
by originall kbb July 2, 2009
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Karo Bukan Batak (Karonese is NOT Bataknese)
1. KBB. End of discussions, since only "Batak Toba" which qualified as "Bataknese", not Simalungun, not Karo, not Pakpak Dairi, not Pasisi/Pesisir/Central Tapanuli, not even Mandailing and Angkola

Never trust everyone who says otherwise, at least never trust people who mislabel "Karo" as "Batak Karo"
2. X: Are you Bataknese?
Y: KBB, dude
X: KBB? WTF is that?
Y: Karo Bukan Batak (Karonese is NOT Bataknese), so think twice if you assume Karonese as Bataknese, because it's so racist and rude against Karonese
by Sir. B September 2, 2021
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