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"A Uniform System of Citation" used during law school. Commonly referred to as "bitchbook" and is often the bane of law student's existence. Law Reviews often employ the Bluebook citation metho.
My professor requires that I learn Bluebook citation for my appellate brief although it is completely different from the citation method I will use after I graduate from law school.
by lawpunk March 04, 2009
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Used to describe a method of test taking. Synonymous with an essay test, blue book tests are preferred less often than Scantron testing, which are simply multiple choice bubble fill-in.

Advantages: Blue book testing allows one to insert valuable test material into its pages prior to the exam. Therefore, allowing the student to refer back to their "notes" during the test; a popular method among math and science majors in which equations and formulas must be remembered.

Disadvantages: Cheating on blue book exams are inferior to Scantron testing, since answers must be written in your own words, rather than simply copied from your neighbor and bubbled in.
Professor: "Don't forget to pick up a blue book before your exam!"

Student: "Great! Another blue book exam, now I have to copy my whole notes into the back pages before the test!"

Student 2: "Now I can't look at the guy's Scantron test in front of me!"
by Mr Natural June 07, 2007
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The verb used to describe when a girl invites you over to watch the notebook and then fails to put out. While rare, this is the absolute worst movie date and leaves the guy looking like a complete pussy.
She invited him over to watch a movie and he got bluebooked.

Dude, she totally bluebooked me bro!
by The Swoop January 21, 2010
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bluebook: noun, /bluː bʊk/
A book which has blue cover and aims to be a blueprint for the uniform citation system. Nonetheless, it has effectively become a book for the unicorn charlie system making people blue - both face and mood.
"Did you follow the rule of bluebook?"
"Wrong citation, shit."
by helloken December 19, 2011
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