Origin: Assamese language( India).
A popular Assamese swear word, can be used for abusing an enemy, addressing a friend. Can be replaced with other words like- Quack-quack, Hanh, duck, Pankaj etc.
Synonyms - Stupid, Moron, Dumbass, Duck, Nincompoop, Retard, Masochist etc.
Eg. "Hey you batak!"..Meaning-"Hey you stupid lorka!"
by Manuh e kua kotha June 22, 2020
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A fob version of crystal meth. This stuff will end your life and flush your dreams down the drain. Quick way to stay wake, lose weight, and grow hair. Also known as shit, crank, crizzo, shabs, shabadabbas etc...
Charlsh, shtop shmoking batak or elshh you will become an eternal teenagershh!
by 420247366 June 17, 2010
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gurgati for duck
internatioan bataks of america!!!
by bathia June 3, 2004
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In Malaysia, the word ‘batak’ basically means ‘wannabe’.
Aiman: Why you’re so batak famous one?
Ve nee: Because imma basic bitch.
by salty bih July 17, 2018
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