slang for fucking amazing when your too lazy to say both words or just dont want to speak correct english
That shirt is so f-kazing.

No way! you got that shirt for $3, that is f-kazing.
by Squeaky Giggles January 30, 2010
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A group of competitive gamers who share a bond of friendship through gaming. They are also known as ANK.
That Aoi No Kaze is a bad-ass gamer.
by Panicked July 5, 2009
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Kaze Emanuar is a name collected through legend on the internet. I won't go into too many details because you could write 5.5 essays a day for 365 about the name Kaze Emanuar. A typical modern day Goku. Would be usefully fit or muscular and generally healthy. Kaze Emanuar has spoken with a gentle voice through box mic while displaying their appearance on webcam with a cleaned and un marred face. Kaze Emanuar could bring the most powerful enterprises to their knees only with their intentions. Kaze Emanuar could lift you up into the air physically, emotionally, and then mentally in any order and any amount you could receive them in. Kaze Emanuar busies itself usually re creating his nostalgic childhood video games on the most advanced hardware better than the original developers had remastered it on modern day consoles - all released to the public for free. Kaze Emanuar would intrinsically die on a cross for the things it loves and truly would hope the best for you. ♡ Kaze Emanuar learned an entire popular code language and popular code environment just to know how it works inside and out.
Moeseph: Hey, you see that argument on the git 'bout that stack prefab?

Fouandersons: Bro you know I know you know nothing about software engineering. Oh, fuck. Kaze Emanuar replied. He's probably right and only trying to clear up misinformation about things he knows about. Anyway - pass me that earffreemerneedapuckmeong.

Moeseph: Yo, you've had enough. Also you're right about that Kaze thing. Someone aught to pay that guy a bit more than they already are, eheh.
by AmyTHS0 February 10, 2022
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The obsesive nature of journalists to go into life threatening situations just to get a good photo.
"Did you hear about that reporter that just died in the tsunami?"
"Yeah, she tried to get a picture of the wave from up close... what a camera-kaze..."
by Power Triforce August 29, 2011
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A guy who hacks Super Mario 64 for fun. He live streams and is working on an Ocarina of Time hack as well.
Hey have you checked out KazeSM64's streams?

You mean Kaze Emanuar? Yeah, he's cool!
by TGMan April 13, 2019
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Not funny anymore but still kills every argument when is said and the pray cant say anything except ma ja cu ti kazem or vec sam ti reko. (in some cases jebem te u nos is the right word)
Vojo dizi me!
-*Teammate umre*

voja: ma ti ce mi kazes?
by mirce @mudjacigan May 22, 2019
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Like when they ignore you and play with a random or act like they can’t hear you.
I wanted to play call of duty with y’all and y’all kazed me
by Numpty Dumpty January 4, 2022
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