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A term originally created by an Everquest guild, BoTS, on The Rathe server. A character in the guild, during pre-kunark era, was unable get past level 13 or so. Truely sad. Even since any noob is instead called a "KAYAN."
U fuking kayans, quit goddamn training.

Kainzo is such a pos kayan. Oh yet so sexy, mmm.
by Seratt May 09, 2005
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Someone who is above others, who achieves their goals that are set, doing amazing things in life and are the best type of people.
You are such a Kayan

You should be more like Kayan
by AMA June 18, 2017
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A very beautiful name for children’s who’s parents name are Kaylin and Juan most people with this name turns out to be a WHORE and usually suicides going through puberty please send help if you know some who is named kayan also turns out to be an imbecile
(Sees a very ugly edgy teenager) His definitely a kayan
by FACTSfromMxhael June 16, 2018
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