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short for "Kawisaki" (motorcycles).
Q: didn't you get a 2005 Kawisaki ZX-10?

A: yeah, my Kawi kicks-ass.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
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Kawi is a name, that’s typically for girls. Kawi’s are always procrastinating, and doing their work just right before the deadline’s due. They are also very lazy, and always wanna spend time in their bed rolled into a ball, crying while watching Netflix. Oh, and they’ve watched every modern TV show known to man because of how much time they spend on the internet. They care about their friends and everyone around them, always making sure to cheer them up, even though they can’t do it to themselves. They always give advice to others even though they can’t take their own.
Don’t be a procrastinator like Kawi”
by AyeItsLittyTitty April 20, 2018
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