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Like the best name EVER!!! It's an Irish name which ges back centuries which basically eminates all that is cool n funky, can be shortened to 'kav'
'Yo Kav, how are ya man?'

'That car is so KAVANAGH!'
by ChErRyFaCe April 02, 2005
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Kavanagh or Kavanaugh is a surname of Irish origin, Caomhรกnach in Irish Gaelic. The name and meaning has roots in a rural offshoot of the wandering 'gypsy' Gael family, meaning "Gnawing of the Cave." They were afflicted with the dark stamp of chronic torpor and a keen taste for feces. While most of the nutrients in the diet came from horse manure, sheep shit and dog dung, it seems they sharpened their cultural culinary palette and developed social value in sharing human excrement, eventually through direct oral harvest. Archeologists believe impassioned inbreeding and subnormal mental capacity of these anus eating troglodytes led to a tongue plunging fecal extraction ritual aptly named "The Kavanagh" where the extractor would kneel and use skillful, sometimes powerful oral suction to yield fresh excrement directly into the mouth which could be chewed or directly swallowed without mastication, depending on the individual's rank in the tribal hierarchy.
I can't make it to the loo... Come over here, kneel down and embrace the kavanagh, as I deposit my warm colon baked mud sausage into your swamp gurgling gullet.
by Pedro De Moss July 11, 2018
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