about the coolest kashmiri people there could ever be around.
they come from the highest hindu caste (brahmins)and THEY ARE pretty cool.
sharp noses usually but hey they're super light skinned and super cool.
hey man, look at that Kaul girl, she's bootiful!
by nininiD'STAR February 18, 2009
About the smartest guy you'll meet in this journey we call life. He's the top 1% kid, the e-girl lover, the science nerd, the man who smashes more girls than Naruto, the Kashmiri, the lawyer better than Saul himself, AND the man who beats google in Trivia. He also plays tennis better than DON RAFAEL NADAL PARERA and video edits well enough to put Hollywood out of business. Lastly, he's obsessed with Zelda and Breath of the Wild, and will have lewd fantasies about the hot characters at night.
I heard her new boyfriend is a Kaul. SO LUCKY!!!
Cap, he'll dump her for the next e-girl.
by anonymoushumanoid47988 November 15, 2022
A Kaule Papi is a Dutch word that has a lot of definitions. 2 of them are: Ouwe Boef (Old Criminal - used as a funny name) and Gangster. You often call your friends Kaule Papi to make fun.
Hee Kaule Papi!
by OuweSchurk March 25, 2010
Koothiyan Kaul is a Mama Paiyan.Gundu Bumdan.Colour Kozhi Kunju thalayan.Pombala Porukki.Devudiya Paiyan.Kalla Kabodhi.Avan Oru BlueThi Aamai Dala Sombban.
Koothiyan Kaul Unga mbura Business epdi Pogudhu mama Paiyaley....
by VIVEGAM January 30, 2021
Shows his quirky side a lot, kinda gæ but we move
Ayo, Viran Kaul is humping a door
by Gaelasacks November 23, 2021
When a defenceman in ice hockey is skating backwards across his own blueline, checking a forward who is enter the defensive zone and he gets and taken out of the play from behind by his own player?
Tyler was checking a a forward when out of nowhere he got kaul back checked!
by Evil Beaver March 13, 2007