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a sweet, caring girl. most people mistreat her and think she's mean but really no one has ever sat down and had a chat with her and find out who she really is. great personality, great talent. always thinks of others before herself. small boobs but an amazing body and a big butt ;) probably that type of girl that doesn't have that much boyfriends, she waits til the right one appears. likes to play video games, and does a lot of guy stuff but that's what makes her so damn attractive. you'll never meet a girl like this. you'll be in love with her after you really meet her.
by tipsyy March 09, 2010
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stands about 4"9 very dangerous , VERY DANGEROUS.please dont poke her with any sticks. Will bite with out warning. Do not feed. dangerous
person- aww its so cute
kassi- *bite*
person- ouch
by ksscolon November 16, 2011
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Kassi is an amazing nice person who cares about others feelings and she has a rlly hot body with abs and a big juicy butt and big boobs . Everyone loves her bc she is a flirt . A lot of guys like her bc she is hot . Kassi is rlly funny and loves acting weird and crazy ppl think she is rlly funny . She try’s to be healthy but she loves ice cream . She likes guys with abs and a hot belly button . She is just all around amazing everyone is lucky to have her as a friend. If u arnt dating her stay close bc she is one hot friend or girlfriend.
Kassi is a hot amazing girl .
by Hot bellybutton May 02, 2018
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A type of guy who will get salty very quickly and be a sweaty nerd when playing games. He can be very annoying when playing with him. After he gets salty he apologizes really quickly.
Kassis; Omg why are you going there... Goddamn I hate you all

2 Days later

Kassis; guys I'm sorry !
by Deadsanchez June 02, 2018
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Weird looking fella that has authority which is gained through money. Torture is the second name for him. Destroying people's lives is second nature to him. Was once linked to child abuse.
Man1: Do you know what happened to the director?
Man2: Yeah, John's a real kassis. He was caught for child abuse and fled to another city! What a man. idiot
by HonestWordsofWisdom June 08, 2018
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