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By far the best name in the world, it's unique, not spelled with a C, and backwards it means Asian woman Beautiful facial features and perfect golden skin color. The habitat of this woman is very complex, usually found in libraries, college campuses and church. Usually has one friend that is a turd. Perfect girlfriend/fiancee/wife material. Reserved and quiet but willing to laugh at jokes and thoughts are usually unknown.

that's pretty awesome :P
Is that a plane? no it's just Kassie saving the day.
by jakethe1man January 24, 2009
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Kassie is a beutiful woman. She has a great sense of humor, and will laugh at anything. She is a great friend, and will treat you good. She likes Starbucks, and teddy bears. She always says she’s ugly, but anyone else says otherwise. She is interested in boys who spend a lot of time with her.
“Kassie, want to hear a joke?!”
by Jaylen Ray November 05, 2017
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Kassie is the coolest name by far in the entire world! It means pretty, but not drop-dead gorgeous, so she isn't fake. She is loved by EVERYONE because of her amazing attitude towards people. She makes everyone happy even when they are in the worst mood in the world. You are very lucky to know this sexy lady!!!

Kassie is wanted by every man in the world. She normally prefers non-jackasses, but if you are nice to her and everyone she knows, you are in good shape. She also likes guys that are taller than her.
What is that shiny object?

"Oh, it is just Kassie. She is smiling!"
by spicylady12 January 13, 2013
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An amazing girl that you are blessed to have as a best friend. She is always laughing, and most of the time at herself. She is a beautiful, tall, sweet, and loving young girl. She also has an obbsession over cats.
"Who doesn't love Kassie?" "NO ONE!"
by SimpleSecrets September 04, 2011
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Kassie means awesome blue eyed brown haired girl who is kind at times but can also be a total bitch..... Shes loved by many but also hated on by plenty... shes super pretty and even when lookin like a bumm can pull off the look....
exp: that girl over there is soooo kassie....
exp: Boy 1: Yo she is soooo kassie
boy 2: yeah you would be lucky to have a kassie like that
boy 1: Yeah matts a lucky duck
by tracie lazer August 05, 2011
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Stupid Person #1- Man! I wish I was more of a Kassie! I'm such a dork!
Slightly less stupid person #2- Yeah I'm trying my best to be more Kassie! Almost half way there! :)
by KoolKat311 January 20, 2011
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Kassie spelled backwards is eissak, which means nice curvy bottom in zambanian. Kassie's are commonly found throwing little kids into dumpsters and winning battles against the disgusting Nikki's of the opposing tribe. Kassie's also have a sensitive side, and can be very nice and respectful. The rarest breed of Kassie's have red hair, and are very beautiful.
Person 1: man, my day sucks.
Person 2: How come?
1: Nothing is going right..
2: Need a snickers?
1: ... no... I think i need a... KASSIE!
by FloodPants May 09, 2011
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