By far the best name in the world, it's unique, not spelled with a C, and backwards it means Asian woman Beautiful facial features and perfect golden skin color. The habitat of this woman is very complex, usually found in libraries, college campuses and church. Usually has one friend that is a turd. Perfect girlfriend/fiancee/wife material. Reserved and quiet but willing to laugh at jokes and thoughts are usually unknown.

that's pretty awesome :P
Is that a plane? no it's just Kassie saving the day.
by jakethe1man January 24, 2009
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Kassie is the coolest name by far in the entire world! It means pretty, but not drop-dead gorgeous, so she isn't fake. She is loved by EVERYONE because of her amazing attitude towards people. She makes everyone happy even when they are in the worst mood in the world. You are very lucky to know this sexy lady!!!

Kassie is wanted by every man in the world. She normally prefers non-jackasses, but if you are nice to her and everyone she knows, you are in good shape. She also likes guys that are taller than her.
What is that shiny object?

"Oh, it is just Kassie. She is smiling!"
by spicylady12 January 13, 2013
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Kassie (Kaa-see) noun; a proper name meant for females derived from a Greek name meaning unheeded prophetess. The name Kassie also means “shining upon man.” The name Kassie implies a pioneering spirit or ability to overcome adversities. It reflects natural leadership and anyone with this name probably becomes frustrated at doing too many unimportant activities. The person named Kassie is highly empathetic, especially those born under cancer. Their empathy may be compared to reading minds. They feel deeply and and are truly unjudgemental. Kassies are often misunderstood, even though they have some of the greatest ideas. In love, they are some of the most mysterious creatures that provoke positive feelings like wonder and enchantment but these feelings can often be turned as jealousy and possessiveness make take hold of any lover of Kassie. Kassie may be in a career such as coach, teacher, nurse, doctor, or may be found in such fields as conservation, humanitarianism, or helping animals.
Kassie was here and now she is gone, is it too late? Has the line been drawn?
by Mimetime May 31, 2023
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An amazing girl that you are blessed to have as a best friend. She is always laughing, and most of the time at herself. She is a beautiful, tall, sweet, and loving young girl. She also has an obbsession over cats.
"Who doesn't love Kassie?" "NO ONE!"
by SimpleSecrets September 5, 2011
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One of the sweetest idiots out there, but tends to have a resting bitch face. She doesn't mean for it to happen, but she is so blunt and straightforward she tends to come off as a bitch. She has anger issues, and tends to take it out on the ones she loves. Be patient with her, she is trying her hardest to be the best version of herself. She is being knocked down by everything, and is trying to get back on her feet. She is extremely talented, and likes to prove others wrong. She is pretty, in her own light, and is never fake. She has a way with animals, tending to turn the meanest animals into sweethearts.

Be careful, once you've fallen upon her bad side, she tends to be a bitch.
Kassie is such pretty grl, and has many talents
by sataninapickle March 7, 2019
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Stupid Person #1- Man! I wish I was more of a Kassie! I'm such a dork!
Slightly less stupid person #2- Yeah I'm trying my best to be more Kassie! Almost half way there! :)
by KoolKat311 January 20, 2011
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A kassie is the most wonderful person that you will ever befriend or date.
WOW my gf is such a kassie
by G short person March 28, 2019
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