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kaidyn and jasmine nice people perfect for each other jasmine is usually kind and smart typically loud and kaidyn is usually sweet and he cares about jasmine, jasmine is usually shy to talk to kaidyn but she does it anyway because she loves him and he loves her
jasmine ; kaidyn wait

KAIDYN ; what up homey

(kaidyns friends walk up to them)

JASMINE ; nothing talk to you later love you bye

kaidyn : love you too babe

Kaidyns friend: did you just call her babe?

kaidyn : yes she is my girlfriend

Kaidyns friend : awwwwwwww kasmine
by PsYcho Orange June 09, 2018
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Kasmime. They are sweet but, take there food and she will eat your hand.

Normally energetic but if sad or hungry become practically dead.

Kasmine's have nice figures, short, natural blonde, and curly hair.

She will be the most silly person you've ever met.
Mikhayla: That girl is definitely a Kasmine.

Brooklyn: How do you know?

Mikhayla: She had her hair up to look like a unicorn!
by KITTYwasaPUSSY May 14, 2018
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