girl 1: what are u watching?
karl jacobs stan: oh this streamer his name is karl jacob-
girl 1: are u a bisexual?
karl jacobs stan: yeah<3
by everythingistakenhelp March 7, 2021
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hes the sweetest most kind person out there. hes the loml

you should watch his content its great!

love you mr. karl jacobs
i love karl jacobs<3
by pissbabydream May 8, 2021
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The process of having a can of monster shoved inside your ass by your best friends after him catching you trying it by yourself
"hey wanna try a dirty karl jacobs?"
"leave me alone get the fuck away from me never speak again."
by KARLS_MONSTER_CAN September 4, 2021
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On april 30th you will paint your nails for karl no matter what color you pick or what gender you are.
Karl jacobs appreciation day: paint you NAILS
by Very pog champ May 1, 2021
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National Karl Jacobs Day is to support Karl Jacobs and stop the gate because Karl did not ruin mr beast
Did you see it it was National Karl Jacobs Day today
by VinDog2 April 29, 2021
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On August 26 (the day he joined mrbeast) It is National Karl Jacobs Day,
Happy National Karl Jacobs Day!
by DingoMango June 3, 2021
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