Content creator (twitch streamer, youtuber), friend of mrbeast, and cutie.

ps: he has some nice fits :)
by pissbbi September 22, 2020
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the most wholesome person on this entire earth.
"karl jacobs needs to be protected at all costs"
by karljacobsstan June 22, 2021
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a twitch streamer , karljacobs , karlnetwork , friend of mrbeast ( he didn ' t ruin it ) who does challenges . karl is also on the dream smp , and plays a character who can time travel .
karl jacobs <3
by nagihoekomeada July 26, 2021
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POG streamer, the most Wholesome man on the planet :) Also known for appearing on the MrBeast and MrBeastGaming channel !! Has a Habit of saying," What the honk?".
guy 1: Hey do you know Karl Jacobs?
guy 2: The one who's married to sapnap? He's POG
by bigjuicysimp September 30, 2020
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