Content creator (twitch streamer, youtuber), friend of mrbeast, and cutie.

ps: he has some nice fits :)
by pissbbi September 22, 2020
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the most wholesome person on this entire earth.
"karl jacobs needs to be protected at all costs"
by karljacobsstan June 22, 2021
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a twitch streamer , karljacobs , karlnetwork , friend of mrbeast ( he didn ' t ruin it ) who does challenges . karl is also on the dream smp , and plays a character who can time travel .
karl jacobs <3
by nagihoekomeada July 26, 2021
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omg is that karl jacobs the hottest man t exist?? 🥵
by hekoo February 27, 2022
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karl jacobs is the most wholesome man on earth. he has a huge fanbase made up of his amazing supporters.

karl jacobs I’m also a member of the mr. beast crew and he is a part of the dream smp. he twitch streams on karlnetwork, karl jacobs and his YouTube account is simply karl.

he is known for saying “WHAT THE HONK!!!” and he is one of the many nolan hansen bullies. karl jacobs also have amazing hair and an amazing sense of style. he loves monster drinks, skating, gaming, and his fans!

believe it or not karl jacobs was the first man on the moon.
karl jacobs: “meow

everyone: yes.
by here4karljacobs November 25, 2021
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