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an adorable sweet little cupcake :)
guy: omg that girl is so adorable she's like a cupcake from heaven!
guy2: what do you expect its a kareen
by pweedy99 November 10, 2011
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Beautiful young hope, loyal, caring, saint like. Fun, outgoing, crazy, sexy and a firey spirit.
she's the hottest thing you'll ever see in bed and once she's with you you'll need no other lover.
Kareen's get better with age and blossom into fantastic human beings.
The most loyal friend you can be confident she'll always tell you the truth.
She knows alot of people and always gives the objective view.
Marry a Kareen and your life will be full of joy and laughter
Best name matches for marriage to kareen are, Craig , Andy, Allen, Alans and Pauls
by blessed one February 03, 2010
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a curly headed cutie with a big heart that cares for others and puts no hesitation in putting her life at risk for others and she will most likely have a bestfriend with a common name.
omg her mom should have named her kareen she has curly hair and loves everyone!
by kittyfunawsomehorse! July 15, 2018
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