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REALLY HOT,an asshole someti
ohh kardo, harder harder!!!!
by Linda Wang March 08, 2005
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someone really hot who dated a guy named Ben and a guy named Cory...loves farting for enjoyment.

has secret lesbian affairs with katherine.

her life story is a soap opera.

you should be jealous.
i like farting for enjoyment. I pulled a Kardos in England 20 times.
by bubble123 July 25, 2008
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a nasty ass pervert who cant get it up for his non existent gf.
i cant believe he couldnt get it up last night. what a kardo!
by shiranny May 01, 2005
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he has no background. he doesnt know what the fuck he is. an estonian? a canadian? a bitch? hah. estonian is a frickin 4 syllable word. hed just stand there and drool and be like...whaaaaa?

often used to describe someone as dumb....stupid....mean....fugly....oh the list goes on.
hes a fuckin kardo, man.
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A really cute person who cares for he’s friends. #SMANFAMILY! ❀️😍
Kardo is really beautiful and Cute
by ℒ️ℒ️ October 29, 2018
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