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this is a girl with great personality, sense of humour and is morally grounded. she is usually into older guys and can be a great flirt. karabos are ambitious and only prove themselves when needed. They often have a mean friend and they are sometimes random. They are quite kind and patient, but should not be messed around with. guys generally find them cute and they have great smiles. karabos are certainly people to have in your life.
karabo cute great smile patient
by shane the first October 30, 2013
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Karabo is a cool African girl who loves shopping, photography, time with friends and boytalk. She is attractive and it often gets her into ugly messes.
Karabo is a great friend and has come a long way. People often call her nasty and arrogant because of her sassy attitude, pride and carelessness of letting words slip. Karabo has a hard time biting her tongue.
Karabo's "save me, Knight in shining armor" attitude and flirtatiousness is often taken as obsession, but she cannot help being a damsel in distress.
Guy: That pretty girl I was talking to is so cool and out spoken.

Friend: Dont let her go, I think you caught a Karabo.
by Shepshep Moffie May 02, 2018
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Someone who is very fat a name that means one who eats much.
Guy1: you see that fat kid?

Guy2: yeah what a karabo!
by Not lambo March 29, 2010
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