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Mysterious,tree-dwelling marsupial that is a distant relative to the drop bear,yet much more agro(sexually). Once roamed the whole continent, but as like the Tasmanian tiger it has been hunted for its pelt and is now only found on Whitsunday Island Queensland Australia. Hates sand and is only found in the bush walk between Tounge bay,the Hill inlet lookout and Whitehaven beach. vegemite and sand will prevent internal damage as it is built like a donkey,constantly in breeding season has poor eye site and is known to confuse a backpacker for its true love, to which many fall victim to this creature each year.
Only known deterrents are while amongst the sticks a circle of sand around person will keep the kangawalafox a safe distance, or like the drop bear, a generous smearing of vegemite behind the ears will cause the beast to detach its long claws from your shoulders.
I've never seen one.....but i've seen what they have done to people, its bloody inhumane!!
by keza April 01, 2007
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