japanese guy who is very sensible, sweet, charming and intelligent. He smells very good. He is also lighthearted, always cheerful, and has both patience and perseverance. Therefore, with him difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. Cute and hot at the same time, he has the perfect body proportions. Also, he is caring and would do practically anything for the ones he loves (to protect them or to please them). Outside beauty, what he looks for in a girl is intelligence and the capacity to think by herself. His only flaw is lying to make funny jokes. It is therefore hard to trust what he says all the time and his words can sometimes hurt people around him. But overall, people that know him quite well, know that he can be trusted entirely. He would never hurt anyone deliberately.
Kanames are the best!
by le plus cool des caca November 16, 2013
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He's from Vampire Knight, that's a pureblood and one of Yuuki's ancestors

Besides that......

Kaname is the hawtest Anime/Manga character ever, dont ya think??? Like OMFG
he's sooooo hawt >;D if he was real i wanna TOY around with him someday lol :D
anyways heres like a fan site if ur in luv wid him :D ahahaha
http://kuran-kaname.net w00t!

I luuuuffsh Kaname

Kaname Kuran is 1st place of the popularity contest of Vampire Knight
by SakariKitsune December 12, 2008
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'Pinna Kanam', commonly pronounced as 'Penis Condom' is a phrase from the Malyalam Language from Kerala State of Southern India. Pinna = Later; Kanam = Sight-- So, Pinna Kanam could be translated as 'See You Later'. In modern times, it is commonly referred to as 'Penis Condom'.
Penis condom Pinna Kanam, my nigga.

-or perhaps-

Penis condom Pinna Kanam, next week my Pakistinian.
by Nigga J. Singh [of Punjabi] December 26, 2006
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the brother that nobody whishes to have.
That guy is pulling a Kaname Asagiri on his sister!
by 0ppai October 09, 2020
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