3 definitions by 0ppai

Person A :That guy got arrested for fucking a corpse,
Person B : Yeah i know people who have necrophillia are just weird.
by 0ppai October 08, 2020
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the brother that nobody whishes to have.
That guy is pulling a Kaname Asagiri on his sister!
by 0ppai October 09, 2020
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LITTERALY the hottest anime boy you'll find cz he's evil , and can kill u with a finger snap and probably abuse the shit out of you if you'd date him and also treat u like an object. And like he owns u .
I LITTERALY want sukuna to rearrange my guts and cum in me and leave me sore for the rest of the year, i want him to talk to me like i'm a piece of shit🥺
by 0ppai December 05, 2020
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