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Kamile is the perfect girl for every man. She loves to make people happy and is extremely funny. She can have her bummy days but will always be looking fleeky and on point when she wants to. She gets a lot of attention from guys and can get any guy since shes perfect. She has an incredibly amazing personality and is the most knowable girl in school. Whoever is friends with her and are close they are the luckiest.Everyone loves kamile. Shes the best!
Person 1: Urm do you fancy kamile?
Person 2: How can someone not fancy her...shes perfect!
by Guest_k March 05, 2017
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Is a name that can be both for girl and boy.Is very very HOT,at times can be serious

but very nice.At times quiet,but very polite.Can be the nicest person you will ever meet ,and
funny with a hilarious or ugly laugh.If someone meets her will automatically fall in love with her.
Damn that girl looks really good today!She must be a Kamile.
by lancerdancer March 29, 2016
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1) a somewhat confused child, is she a boy, or a girl?!
does she belong with men, women, both!?
some would call her a 'beg'.
however some do fall behind her.
those who do fall, see her as a goddess.
She can sometimes be a possum, a squirrel or another foul creature.
even so these traits do put most off, i personally love this being!
breed: lithuanian.
she likes aloe vera juice, so if you spot a child with this addiction, you know what she is, A KAMILE.
by opps! August 23, 2011
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