A city in Montana. Not a whole lot to do indoors, but plentiful with outdoor areas in which much recreation can be had (such as hiking, target shooting, hunting, etc.).

Has everything you need in the city, while the wooded areas are still very near.

All in all, a fine place to live. Is getting a little over-run with people, though. Time for some of us to move into the mountains, but it should have a bit more good time left.
Mikhail: "How's Kalispell treatin' ya?"
Phineas: "Very well. You'd know that if you opened your eyes and read my fucking post cards, dumbass. What the hell's your problem, bitch?"
Mikhail: "I'm blind..."
Phineas: "Not my fault you got lazy and forgot to exercise your eyes, you slothful fucker."
Mikhail: "...You're a dick..."
Phineas: "lol"
by BeefMonger February 18, 2008
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Heaven and hell all tied into one crazy little podunk hick town, a place thats unlike any other place you would pry visit.. badass in many ways, sad in some other ways.
I got fuckin wasted last weekend in kalispell, damn i gotta get outa this place before i end up a cross on the roadside
by stillchillillin February 01, 2011
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hell. the worste place God could have made. except for like...etheopia.
dont ever come to Kalispell
by montana is gay March 18, 2004
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one of the suckies american cities/towns ever. where its big enough to have all the big town stuff but small enough not to have a mall with more then eight stores, and where every one is related to every one else, and the population is largely rednecks.
1 person: "Did you hear about that guy getting arrested?"
Dude: "yeah he was totally pulling a kalispell"
1 person: "why ?"
Dude: "because he robbed the bank where his girl friend worked and was then arrested by his cousins husband"
by freak from space April 24, 2011
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