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When somebody up and disappears. Can be used when your friend was just there and disappeared, or when you told somebody they was about to get jacked.
I told that fool 'if you mess with my girls again, ima drop u' and the next thing i know... that fool Kaiser Sozed...
by Akachan May 25, 2007
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When one can make up his or own life story or a simple lie using only the materials used in the room they are currently in.
Hey man did you find out if jimmy did it?

No he said dell samsung did it.

Oh you mean your computer and your printer?

Crap, I just got kaiser sozed.
by jaken February 26, 2012
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A legend about an Eastern European criminal who was once stuck between a rock and a hard place and he killed his wife and two children just to show his opponents that he meant business. Ever since then other criminals tell the story to their kids at night - rat on your pops, and kaiser soze will get you!
Rat on your pops, and kaiser soze will get you!
by Boyan September 11, 2006
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A badass story teller from "The Usual Suspects."

Hungarian criminal who comes this <-> close to getting caught and then sticks his head up. Then *poof*
He's gone.
You saw Kaiser Soze? You saw the devil himself?
by Sonnybobiche January 28, 2004
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References all criminals, or people who scare others very deeply. One may be unsure what this "Kaiser Soze" person is capable of. It is a good bet that the worst one can imagine is probably true, or close to what they are capable of. An unpredictably violent person. One who takes great pleasure or care in their violence and deception.
by jana p April 27, 2006
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a person who just ups and completely disappears suddenly from a relationship without warning, much like the character of the same name from the film "Usual Suspects" did after suppousedly committing a crime.
"we spent the whole weekend together and then he pulled a Kaiser Soze. haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. fucker"
by dirtystan August 8, 2006
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a deeply traumatized male soul, consumed by helplessness, rage and an impulsive need for revenge and self destruction
after she left him he was so devastated that he started drinking and turned Kaiser Soze
by Aniretak October 10, 2007
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