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Girl with the best smile but doesn't like to show it. And makes you happier than any other girl.
by prindon June 21, 2014
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A kind person. They're always there for their friends and will make people smile. They're very funny and sweet. Kaedyn is helpful, understanding, intelligent and a pretty big nerd, but they're still loved by their friends.
"Kaedyn helps me with some problems in my life. I'm glad they're in my life."
by Pixel_Cookie August 22, 2017
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An athletic badass. Very good at sports. Pretty smart but acts stupid. They can be a really big dick but their nice if you get know them.
Some kid: Hey itโ€™s Kaedyn
Kaedyn: Stfu bitch
Some kid: I wasnโ€™t even being rude
Kaedyn: I know
by WeDemBoyz_18 April 01, 2018
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An annoying asshole who thinks she is all that, but she is actually a little brat who makes people mad with everything she says.
Ew, look. It is that Kaedyn girl.
by Lucifersplaytoy October 27, 2016
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