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"ka-deems" n, adj, etc etc - armenian in part with relentless impatience, extreme sarcasm and rapist wit......when not threatening to "cut" someone, kademes is most often hilarious and just shy of clinical insanity........he/she refers to coming off a bender as "monday" and quite often references his/her numerous stays in capital city idaho (because apparently tijuana was a crazy time in 82 and "don't need that crazy shit to keep coming up")
1. "dude...put the knife're gettin all kadems on me"

2. "its vital you be into work on time and sober on monday...i dont wanna a kadems attempting to do the presentation"
by chimmi churro June 06, 2010
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A kid who watches too much hentai and cry’s and faps at the same time. He’s a meme lord, sarcastic, and unemotional. He has an amazing immune system and has no soul and is a gamer.
Where’s Kadem?
by YaoiLover698 November 15, 2019
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