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Slang word for butt, ass, booty. Usually referring to the more voluminous kind. Se also caboose and cabooty.
Originally, spelt with a "c", a naval term meaning the cook's gallery on a boat.
(vulg.) Hey! Check out the kaboose on that chick!
by Mefistofeles August 24, 2004
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The guy who goes last when running the train on a girl. usually earns postion for lack of condom or freguent sexually deviant behavior.
Looks like reed's jump'n on as the kaboose.
by The Kaboose April 02, 2006
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To tag along or follow a single person or a group of people when not wanted
Jwalk: " Let's Roll Boys"
Zach: " Yeh Boys, Let's Roll"
Jwalk: " Holy buddy , yer quite the fuckin' kaboose"
by J Walker December 12, 2006
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