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Three Dicks Touching
Guy 1: Hey, bro? Coming over to watch the fights??

Guy 2: maybe, who's all gonna be there?

Guy 1: Just me and Chumely right now, but if you come over we could get a 3DT going...

Guy 2: Oh nice. Wait... what's a 3DT?

Guy 1: ....*three dicks touching*

Guy 2: Wait, WHAAT??!

Guy 1: ...you heard me

Guy 2: uhm.... cool?
by hamking1 September 12, 2011

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"Snoos doos kuh-boos"
-noun; sexual act

1.) A sexual act in-which two women, resting on their hands and knees with their rear-ends pointing towards one another, engage in mutual masturbation, while two, equally-large, double-ended dildos have been inserted into the anus and vagina of both women, spanning the gap between their adjacent partner's anus and vagina, essentially connecting their rear-ends.

Snoose Deuce Kaboose
(A.K.A. The Snoose Deuce, A.K.A. The Deuce Kaboose, A.K.A. The Snizz Dizzle, A.K.A. "D-cube'd", etc.)
Guy1: "Hey bro, got any big plans for the weekend?"

Guy2: "Nah, just gonna hit up the bar. Probably gonna try and hook up a Snoose Deuce Kaboose with some phatties, lol."

Guy1: "Haha nice. Kinda like the Snoose Deuce Kaboose I hooked up between your mom and your sister last night??"

Guy2: "Yea.. kinda like that."
by hamking1 April 08, 2011

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