Term used to show you don't give a F*CK because they are showing off or just to shame for fun.
That Annoying Friend: "Hey guys I finally have a A+ in Pre-Calc!
Me: "k kid."
by Mr_Dantor February 19, 2016
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Circle K Kids are the kind of kids that really don't do anything in class, the kind you hear blasting music from their speakers. They typically listen to either Lil Peep, Metalcore, or Ski Mask. They can be found smoking cigarettes or the odd joint behind Circle K, and are absolute degenerates.
"You heard Madisons a Circle K Kid now?"
"Called it."
"Yeah, shes been smoking cigarettes and listening to lil peep since 7th grade"
by Sherlocc August 23, 2019
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K-kid and Tomo are unsigned UK rappers, Ages 17 and 18, they aim to achieve a goal that many chase, but few achieve, to be noticed.

Hitting the UK with hard hitting rap, emotional songs and true lyrics they aim to hit the hearts of there fans.
K-kid + Tomo


by K-kid June 2, 2011
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Them K-pop kids, man; they reach a level of gay never previously achieved.
by El ritardo June 9, 2018
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k dot kid

is when u slowly rub your dick until you cum all over your hands then you lick your creamy liquid
Tom:yo dan you just k dot kid ?

ohXD:yh i did taste good
by iloveurbandictonary April 5, 2010
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K-kid stands for "Kali Kid" which is considered the knockoff Cali. A K-kid is someone who thinks they ghetto and tough when they not
K-kid: I'll Fuck you up!
Person: isn't that the kid who pissed himself?

Person 2: yeah, fuckin K-Kid
by BubbleDummy February 16, 2022
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K-kid, stands for Kali Kid. Kali is considered the knockoff of Cali. A K-kid is a person who acts ghetto and tough when they aren't.
Person: I could totally mess you up!
Person 2: Isn't that the kid who pissed himself?
Person 3: yeah, he's a fuckin K-Kid
by BubbleDummy February 16, 2022
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