Another term for honestly or for real, used when an individual is saying something from an honest point of view
Realz Urban dictionary is the best for finding words that are not in the English dictionary.
by Molans November 03, 2010
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An exclaimation asking the question "Really?!"
"Yo I got a new car!"
"For Realz?"
by Manny D December 02, 2006
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The white (and bad) gangster way of saying "reals" and "I couldn't butcher the word 'reals' beyond one letter"
"Thomas, why did you spell 'reals' as 'realz'?"
Thomas promptly replied, "Because I'm from the hood. Suck it."
by BecauseIcan June 12, 2008
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Used to emphasize the truth of a statement. To say yes without a doubt.
"Yo nigga do you really got that new Big Slank and Dirt Dawg mixtape?"

"All Realz, homie."
by stanky slanky December 10, 2009
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Derivation of Keep it Real, meaning to be true and not be fake, with the plural 'z' added to make it sound even more real.
by dberto April 07, 2010
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