A common misspelling of the phrase "just deserts". While the two phrases are pronounced exactly the same, "desert" with the emphasis on the second syllable means something that one deserves, rather than an extremely arid expanse of land. "Dessert", on the other hand, is a sweet dish consumed after a meal.
shane123: lol i guess he got his just desserts
rob497: i think you mean "just deserts"
shane123: fuck off u grammar whore
rob497: okay jesus
by elusiveyellow August 22, 2013
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what is coming to them; what "they" deserve
She ran over my cat, but got her just desserts when she was hit by a bus.
by Flavor Britt June 11, 2006
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A transformation of the phrase 'justice hurts'.

"Hey man, did you ever get your phone back from your ex girlfriend?"

"Nah man, but she got her just desserts."

"What do you mean?"

"Bitch got hit by a train a couple weeks ago."
by |Matt| November 6, 2008
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When a girl kisses you immediately after she swallows your load.
Jan: "So, did Greg make you swallow again last night?"
Marcia: "Yeah, but I kissed him right after, ha."
Jan: "Sounds like he got his just desserts, hahaha."
by Doc Irysch December 24, 2009
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