A book handmade from memorabilia/ephemera/ photos/out of recycled or vintage material significant or visually appealing to the intended owner. It contains non plain factory made machine STRAIGHT EDGE pages instead, hand processed materials & trimmed & embellished papers made to look torn/tattered /dyed/ pre-owed/embellish by hand. Often composed with non traditional book materials as fabric/ tissue paper/vellum/ transparencies/ ribbons/ lace/ tulle/plastics or"throw away/ junk"/material. A hybrid book of an artist's journal/ scrapbook/ photo album/ personal diary. The appeal of the book lies in the WORN handmade of the book, & the unique factor that EVERY page is unique and ONE OF IT's Kind & no two pages are alike. To qualify as a junk journal, the books themselves must be UNIQUE, handmade or one of it's kind(hand-altered store bought books also qualifies) . Each book itself CANNOT be replicated in it's exact ENTIRTY( ex: handdyed tye dyed pages, collaged pages, tickets to an old event, discontinued paper products, etc). To qualify as a junk journal, the majority of the pages must be one of a kind, each junk journal itself must be one of a kind & the overall looks MUST BE handmade/unique/tattered/grungy in nature. It often serves as a nostagic rememberance/keepsake album for the intended owner & contains space allowances/ room for the intended owner to add & contribute to the personalized book.
"Let's collect all my old concert tickets and bind them into a my old hymnal and make it a junk journal," said the creative artist.
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Junk journalism: a news story that is written without adequate research, investigation or information before publication. Junk journalism is aimed to promote traffic to news site or to get public patronage by fabricating alarming pack of lies to newsreaders.
by Stop corruption. July 28, 2014
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