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A book handmade from memorabilia/ephemera/ photos/out of recycled or vintage material significant or visually appealing to the intended owner. It contains non plain factory made machine STRAIGHT EDGE pages instead, hand processed materials & trimmed & embellished papers made to look torn/tattered /dyed/ pre-owed/embellish by hand. Often composed with non traditional book materials as fabric/ tissue paper/vellum/ transparencies/ ribbons/ lace/ tulle/plastics or"throw away/ junk"/material. A hybrid book of an artist's journal/ scrapbook/ photo album/ personal diary. The appeal of the book lies in the WORN handmade of the book, & the unique factor that EVERY page is unique and ONE OF IT's Kind & no two pages are alike. To qualify as a junk journal, the books themselves must be UNIQUE, handmade or one of it's kind(hand-altered store bought books also qualifies) . Each book itself CANNOT be replicated in it's exact ENTIRTY( ex: handdyed tye dyed pages, collaged pages, tickets to an old event, discontinued paper products, etc). To qualify as a junk journal, the majority of the pages must be one of a kind, each junk journal itself must be one of a kind & the overall looks MUST BE handmade/unique/tattered/grungy in nature. It often serves as a nostagic rememberance/keepsake album for the intended owner & contains space allowances/ room for the intended owner to add & contribute to the personalized book.
"Let's collect all my old concert tickets and bind them into a my old hymnal and make it a junk journal," said the creative artist.
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