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A girl that is happy in nature but sensitive on the inside. She is very loving and caring to all of those who are loving and caring to you. Be careful not to roast her too hard or you may see the worst of her.

She tends to stress. A LOT. She will and can stress over the smallest situations / things ever.
She likes plushies a lot and really enjoys the company of others. She really likes hugs.

She also sometimes cares way too much about her looks (which is good in a way).
If you ever meet a Junhee do not take her out for coffee because she already has a caffeine problem to solve.
If you ever give a gift to Junhee make sure to give her melatonin pills because she won't sleep even though she is clearly sleep-deprived.
Even so, it is easy to appreciate the good character a Junhee can bring to the world
w0w does junhee know da wae
by jubhee January 18, 2018
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