You screwed up your lane and you need a really good excuse or someone to blame it on
/all jungle diff
by Darppy June 2, 2020
When you lose your lane and need a scapegoat to take the blame
You go 0/0/0 as Draven/Pantheon versus Sona/Vayne with -30 CS and 0 lane pressure at 25mins
Draven (All): Jungle diff
by fojson October 24, 2020
There are two Junglers in League of Legends, one of them will eventually shit on the other guy.
That's when Jungle Diff is coming into the game.
It's used to express the huge difference in Skill and Knowledge which is happening in the Jungle.
" No way, that's Daki in the Jungle, prepare for some Jungle diff bois"

"But how dogshit is our Jungle, i guess it's Jungle diff"

"Jesus I played insane this game, jungle diff lads"
by Dakilol September 7, 2020