A very sensitive but strong willing girl she will fight for the people she loves.a julieanne is very quiet,shy and not trying to be like others but themselves they have so much care for a person it breaks your heart if she stops talking to you when you encounter a julieanne make sure you make her yours
Julieanne is so sweet and gorgeous she is actually really really sexy shes to die for shes never usually wrong she makes her point and knows what shes talking about .a juliennes smile could be seen like a sparkle from a mile away that smile just brightens up your day its so beautiful and her laugh is so cute she falls to her knees when she loves a guy when she falls for a guy she falls hard dont let her down i dont want to see that amazing smile fade away .
Jennifer: julieanne smile for me
Julieanne: why

Jennifer: because im sad and you smile always lightens up my day

Juilieanne: smiles

Jennifer: oh my god i wish i had your smile
by Jenoon December 16, 2013
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The happiest girl in the world. She lives for love, and is always looking for the good in other people. She has a great family. She is always looking for new and exciting things to try out. This girl is always open to others views and opinions. She is very creative and loves to have a fun time!
That girl reminds me of a Julieann, I totally wanna be like her!
by twittertwatter May 9, 2011
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by October 31, 2021
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Julieanne is a one of a kind. She is caring,sweet and incredibly funny. But don’t let this fool you, you do not want to get on her bad side! She has a phat ass and can be described as thicc. She will be very successful one day and be loved by all. People are usually jealous of her.
Mitch: “damn is that Julieanne?”
Zac: “yeah bro, she’s red hot!”
by Ummmmmboibye April 25, 2018
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A drug-crazed, sex addicted psychotic thot with no morals, common sense, manners, shame or the ability to say no when it comes to fucking. Will easily fuck for weed, meth, etc. Spoiled as hell. No one is too ugly for her. Legs open 24/7 no matter shape, size, color, gender. Wears a crucifix but definitely isn't a saint. Everyday is a bad day for her and she always "depressed" and the dilemmas are never ending. Constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown and always using ppl. May be attractive but the bitch finna get fat and saggy soon.

If your name is Julieanne and this description doesn't fit you, THEN WE ADVISE YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME ASAP
Bro that bitch is just a Julieanne. She been fuckin everyone
Quit it Stacey, don't pull a Julieanne
by freddiew January 25, 2019
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