Actor, more often than not plays charming caddish types who turn out to be total bastards but he's just so damn pretty you love him anyway...
Check out the full sidal/backal nudity in films like Wilde, Closer etc...
by Zoecb January 18, 2005
a cheating bastard that doesn't deserve sienna miller.
also an adj - to cheat one your fiance and ruin everything
jude law is such an ass.
- bob's mom: why aren't u n mary gettin married?
- bob: i jude lawed it.
by Liz45437 July 31, 2005
Great British actor who nails every performance down. Like Johnny Depp, he's a terrific actor who's attracting too many idiot, MTV-influenced girls who only like him only for his looks rather than talent.

His well-known movies/performances are; The Talented Mr. Ripley, Road to Perdition, Closer, eXisTenz, Cold Mountain, A.I. etc.
Jude Law is a great actor. I maybe a heterosexual male, but I ain't gonna lie, he's a handsome bastard!
by Kyle March 23, 2005
Handsome, sexy actor who has an ugly nanny fetish.
Girl 1: *after reading tabloid* "Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller with THAT??!"

Girl 2: "She's so FUGLY with those beady little eyes and plain-looking features. She'd make Paris Hilton look good!"
by fags-in-the-shower February 7, 2006
Real name: David Law}
hello i'm Jude Law, also known as David Law
by bell January 1, 2005

not only a great actor, but the sexiest man alive!

what more can you ask for?

movies include:
-the closer
-the aviator
-road to perdition
-cold mountain
-the holiday
ect ect ect

~2 oscar nominations~

*daughter reads tabloid on jude law cheating on sienna miller*

"I want to be his nanny someday!"

by loverussat August 15, 2008
Generally good actor, flopped a bit in Alfie but it was a shite movie anyway so he didnt have a lot to work with. cheated on sienna miller, fiancee, with the nanny.
yeh ok, he is quite cute too
by Sarah Deee July 21, 2005