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Actor, more often than not plays charming caddish types who turn out to be total bastards but he's just so damn pretty you love him anyway...
Check out the full sidal/backal nudity in films like Wilde, Closer etc...
by Zoecb January 18, 2005
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Great British actor who nails every performance down. Like Johnny Depp, he's a terrific actor who's attracting too many idiot, MTV-influenced girls who only like him only for his looks rather than talent.

His well-known movies/performances are; The Talented Mr. Ripley, Road to Perdition, Closer, eXisTenz, Cold Mountain, A.I. etc.
Jude Law is a great actor. I maybe a heterosexual male, but I ain't gonna lie, he's a handsome bastard!
by Kyle March 22, 2005
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Handsome, sexy actor who has an ugly nanny fetish.
Girl 1: *after reading tabloid* "Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller with THAT??!"

Girl 2: "She's so FUGLY with those beady little eyes and plain-looking features. She'd make Paris Hilton look good!"
by fags-in-the-shower February 06, 2006
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Real name: David Law}
hello i'm Jude Law, also known as David Law
by bell January 01, 2005
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not only a great actor, but the sexiest man alive!

what more can you ask for?

movies include:
-the closer
-the aviator
-road to perdition
-cold mountain
-the holiday
ect ect ect

~2 oscar nominations~

*daughter reads tabloid on jude law cheating on sienna miller*

"I want to be his nanny someday!"

by loverussat August 15, 2008
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Generally good actor, flopped a bit in Alfie but it was a shite movie anyway so he didnt have a lot to work with. cheated on sienna miller, fiancee, with the nanny.
yeh ok, he is quite cute too
by Sarah Deee July 20, 2005
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A man who plays charectors who are lacking in moral fiber and charector
not so difrent from him self in real life and gets frequent blow jobs from Sean Penn
jude law - cheating idiot
Alfie -cheating idiot
Talented Mr Ripley - cheating idiot
crockadile tears- murdering idiot and a KAD
Closer- cheating bastard in this one
The Holiday- trying to convince us he is not a peace of shit ( and yet still nailed cameron diez in less then five minuutes ) O yes what a GOOD Guy
by Record keeper April 02, 2007
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