An individual who lazily aggregates related social commentary under the guise of reporting news.
This journalist has copied the Twitter trending feed.
by Random Netizen March 30, 2018
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A holder of any one of myriad possible jobs in the field of journalism, from the noble reporter of news on down to the gossip columnist or the sleazeball who puts his byline on a press release and submits it unaltered for publication. Derives from the verb "to journalize," which shares with the public's respect for journalists the fact of being non-existent. For reasons as yet undetermined, actual respectable reporters have even embraced this vacuous label.
From what he told me about his job I thought he was some kind of hard-nosed reporter dedicated to getting at the truth and telling it to the public -- but when I asked him again what he told me was, he was a journalist. So I shot him in the head.
by ak4mc March 2, 2011
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best described as an advance in the world of journalism
That was a Journalistical advance
by aj owns drew April 27, 2007
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Lying idiots who exaggerate the truth for public entertainment
Journalists are fool
by h007khoo March 29, 2015
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A person who tells people about things soon to be topics.
Journalist wrote about 42 people slaughtered.

Next day people read that from newspaper and discussed about how bad things are all over.
by Pandasur Real November 25, 2009
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a professional liar. a professional distorter. a professional hate mongerer. they craftily use newspapers and television programs to create the illusion that the entire world believes like them. in reality, they are literally just a couple psychos with a really big megaphone. Like Satan, they only have any influence in your life if you choose to let them in.
Journalist=modern day sophist. not only do they tell you things they know aren't true, they charge you for it!!!! Yeah, like I'm going to pay 50 cents and 30 minutes of my time to get lied to.
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A person who badgers a celebrity and passes it off as credible news
1: Dude, why the hell are you a journalist? It's demeaning to celebrities. All you do is annoy them constantly with hopes of getting information out of them.

2: You must not know what a journalist is. It's what we do. Deal with it.
by pomf July 9, 2012
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