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Joscelyn is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is sexy and anyone will love her. If anyone were to mess with her you would get your ass effed right up though. But she is funny,crazy and knows how to have a good time.
that joscelyn chick is hot.
by iamsexy. May 12, 2009
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Joscelyn where to ever start with this girl.Joscelyn is a loyal trustworthy best friend for life she is like a delight rose lovely and she is glowing with the with the essence of something to delightful to know.Joscelyn is a fun loving party animal cause when she walks in every one knows that she is there to get it started up in there . But after all the fun she is still a hard worker no matter what she will always find a way for the work to get done . An joscelyn has a bright glowing smile that can lighten the world up with joy and laughter . Has a heart of pure gold so kind,nice,sweet,and caring.But joscelyn has a secret side to .Joscelyn will be there by your side no matter the state of being.And joscelyn has a face too beautiful to describe her loveliness of her features her face all the beautiness of everything combined cannot even describe how lovely it is.Also her hair is the most important part of her look it's very silky soft and it essence is so amazing it's just bursting with exquisite smells.Then those eyes that she has can help you see through the worst of times just looking into those lovely eyes can take you alway on a other journey far far away into a place of just joy and no horror.There is much more to joscelyn to tell but you will just have to find out yourself.
Oh dang that girl is a joscelyn over there .
by Joscelyn Amber January 30, 2017
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The most understanding, sweetest, and deepest, old soul you will meet. She has a bunch of her own problems, so don't judge her from the first moment you meet her. She always listens to your problems and will stay up on the phone with you till 2 am, but not later, cause nothing good happens past 2 am ;) She has AMAZING hair that everybody wants and looks good in any hairstyle. She is the most trusting girl you will ever meet, so don't worry about trusting her with a secret. Once you meet her, she's a little modest, but once you get to know her, she will become one of your best friends. However, she can get a little annoying sometimes, but hey, don't we all? Also, she loves potatoes, cats, and apparently owls...
Dude 1" Hey is that a cat-loving potato?"
Dude 2"Nah, that's just a Joscelyn..."
by your local lesbo June 03, 2017
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Joscelyn - sixth child, renaissance gal, a real blessing, a hidden puzzle, an inspiration on a wonderous journey and a survivor who was always meant to be cherished
Joscelyn's Journey with Hemimegalencephaly lead us all down an interesting educational path; Joscelyn is an inspiration to us all.
by namebandit June 01, 2012
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