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To pull a sick move on someone while on the basketball court, such as a turnaround fadeaway or breaking someones ankles then throwing it down.
Damn dude, he just jordaned your ass.
by Nandizzle November 07, 2005
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One who breaks fucking EVERYTHING! i mean, seriously, WOW, he breaks a lot of friggin stuff. like door knobs and car windshields and stair cases.
dude, you Jordaned my fuckin door! AGAIN!
by cnelsngmfi March 02, 2009
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To build up a series of bar tabs and leave without paying them.
"Did you hear about that guy? He had tabs in 5 bars and then Jordaned"
"What a Douche Canoe."
by Turtbobsquirtpants August 23, 2018
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When a man splurges in his pants from minimal sexual activity as a needed pent up release due to sexual abstinence. Often when at a Vegas club, wanting to get down on the dance floor, slightly passionate kissing, etc etc etc. Or in a little Vegas Chapel. Happens often in Provo Utah.
Bro I totally just JORDANED in my pants when that girl backed her booty up on me!!! Billy too!!
by Jazzy J dog May 28, 2017
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